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Hair is always prone to dryness and damage. Deep conditioners are a perfect solution to repair the hair damage, restore moisture, maintain the necessary elasticity perfectly fortify hair. Not all conditioners are equally beneficial and effective. Some are formulated for daily use, others for weekly use and yet others for less than weekly use or monthly depending on the hair type. Some are rinse-out and some are leave in deep conditioners.

Different Types of conditioners

A cream rinse (a.k.a. crème-rinse) conditioner deals with detangling, protection against heat and is thinner in consistency. Good choice for regular use if you have treated hair and usually a leave in the type of conditioner for protection against heat. These conditioners usually do not contain all the necessary ingredients, oils and other moisturizers that are required for conditioning.

Deep conditioners are usually normal conditioners applied with a cap after application. They are very effective in restoring required moisture and lock in the essential nourishment for the hair. They boost protein and strengthen hair strands. Ideally, hair should be treated with deep conditioning once a week.

Protein conditioners contain moisture boosting agents which help to reconstruct the damaged hair proteins by providing necessary moisture to hair's cuticle. They do not just act on scalp surface but they penetrate the hair strands and provide the proteins which wash away.

Instant Conditioners are designed for daily use product and act as a temporary solution for softening hair. They usually don’t work as deep conditioners as they work on just the surface of the scalp. Good for normal to oily hair.

Do and Don’ts for Deep Conditioning:

  • Deep conditioner should always be odorless
  • Ingredients should not include artificial color, alcoholic content, and Paraben or petroleum oil.
  • Hair should not contain excessive water before application of conditioner because in that case, it will glide off by not giving the required hair coverage
  • Do not use heat or steam to absorb the conditioners because few times strands may get damaged, for hair protection always use thermal deep conditioning cap.
  • Use cool water when you rinse because warm water opens the hair cuticles.

Naked Honey and Almond Deep Conditioner: Leaves your hair soft and glossy. It hydrates and is a quite effective product.

Giovanni Tea Tree Deep Conditioner: Good for detangling hair and best for wavy and curly hair. It is not suitable for regular use and is also not for every hair type.
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque: Blend of all essential ingredients which reinstate the lost shine, supports quick hair growth and softness.

Aussie Moist Deep 3-Minute Moisture Treatment: A concentrated deep conditioning therapy that restores moisture and penetrates through dry hair strands leaving them with shinier and strong look.

Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner: With Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner says goodbye to dry, dull and brittle hair! It is vigilantly developed with biotin, keratin, copper peptides and wheat proteins. It gives hair more volume, bounce and shines with each use.  On the top of charts, it speaks with its results by repairing damaged hair cuticles and making hair stronger and resistant to breakage. Additionally, it fights against hair loss by acting as a catalyst in hair growth process with all essential ingredients like tea tree oil, saw palmetto, copper peptides and biotin, and Jojoba Oil, It's definitely the best buy so far free from all kind of harsh chemicals and parabens.

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