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Brivon & Vitahar Hair Loss Treatment Scam Exposed

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Brivon & Vitahar Hair Loss Treatment Scam Exposed

Brivon and Vitahar are all over the internet at the moment, a sign that the brands can be trusted right? Wrong! It turns out that the well advertised ‘hair loss treatments’ are in fact, a ploy to rob you of your hard-earned cash.

Brivon & Vitahar – Is It A Scam?

Brivon and Vitahar claim that their products are the best hair loss treatments around at the moment. Having “worked” for celebrities such as Piers Morgan and Louis Walsh – taking them from thin, receding hair to a full, thick head of hair.

Brivon claim to not just prevent the thinning of hair but also to reverse signs of hair loss all together – a strong statement to make, but is it true? Or are Brivon and Vitahar just benefiting on people’s hopes and dreams?

If you want a quick answer to whether Brivon or Vitahar is a scam, then just scroll down to the comments section and see peoples unfortunate experiences with the “miracle hair loss treatment”.

Brivon Hair Loss Treatment

Brivon is a hair loss shampoo that can supposedly reverse the signs of hair loss in both men and woman, preventing future hair loss too with frequent use.

Brivon claim that celebrities such a Piers Morgan and Louis Walsh are walking proof that Brivon is the ‘next best hair loss treatment’ and that you need to  purchase the hair loss treatments right now!

Brivon’s Website (which has ironically been taken down) claims to Reverse Hairloss if you Start Treatment Now”.

People are taking to online forums to review their experience when subscribing to the 14-day ‘free’ trial to express their frustration. Brivon have been advertising a 14-day free trial, giving you a free bottle (RRP &80) when you pay the £3.95 postage.

However, people have been claiming that money has been taken from their accounts for the full price of the bottle, some seeing up to £80 being taken from their account when they were expecting no payment to be taken at all.

“Please people, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Brivon & Vitahar are a scam” says one comment.

What Makes Brivon A Scam?

Brivon are justifying taking people’s money, despite advertising a free months subscription, by claiming the subscription needs to be cancelled within the first 14 days. But they are catching people out by not getting the products to them in time to cancel within the first 14 days.

“My order arrived 18 days after placing so even if it was a 14 day trial I could not adhere to their T&Cs. They are meant to ship in 24hrs but it was 8 days in my case” says one review.

Other review’s state “one person who did cancel with Brivon the very next day after ordering has been refused a refund following the order arriving 3 weeks later”.

So it seems that Brivon are going to take your money regardless of cancelling within the free trial, so trust the reviews and don’t fall victim to the scam.

Where To Buy Brivon’s & Vitahar’s Hairloss Products?

The product itself doesn’t appear to be stocked in any major retailers – a classic sign that the products aren’t genuine. If the products were as good as the manufactures claim then retailers would be stocking them, simple as that.

Seeing a product being sold on websites such as amazon, boots or any other large health & beauty retailer can be a massive confidence boost that the product is genuine. The only retailers we can find that seem to be selling Brivon or Vitahar are well, nowhere! 

In fact, the only place we can find the products being sold are on Gumtree where people are trying to sell on their unused and unwanted products because they fell victim to the scam.

With this in mind, we wouldn’t recommend buying the product or even subscribing to the free trial at all.  Reviews are sayings its a scam and begging you not to fall victim to it, we are yet to see a post where someone is happy with the product and the product is only sold on their website – which has now ironically been taken down, but we are sure another will pop up at some point.

To Late For You?

We understand, and know from the comments section, that there is going to be a high proportion of readers who have already been affected by the Brivon and Vitahar hair loss treatment scam. If it is then call your bank straight away to get all future payments stopped and blocked. Even cancel your card if you need to.

As you may have read from the amount of comments on this post, they will continue to take payments from your account until you go out your way to stop them. Your bank will then be able to advise you on what you should do next.

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